Day 1 — The Start

So begins my foray into software development. It has been put off for too long, cast aside after browsing between websites and testimonials, only to inevitably close tabs out of frustration. Thanks to an amazing opportunity provided by the Oahu Economic Development Board and GameDevHQ, I am seizing the chance to learn C# and jettison my career to programming — finally. Like many others, 2020 has shown me that the time to act is now.

Today consisted of getting acclimated with various software, website, and human resources installations, account creations, and personifications. Many inexperienced developers may have considered this effort to be fit for the first day. But my team is filled with tenacious, excited, and dedicated individuals — from them, I gain encouragement to press on. And we will! Together, and with our team leader Dan, we will each be stronger and smarter at the end of every day — no matter what hour that may come.