Usually, it’s you (not the computer)

Well, what a morning! On a whim, I wanted to change the appearance of my laser/ammo refill powerup, so I used GIMP to fabricate something I liked. GIMP — another software with seemingly endless possibilities! Glad to have spent some time getting used to it’s layout and features.

After the prefab and animation, I then set out to implement a behavior in which the player would “pull” powerups toward itself when the user presses the “C” key.

Seeming straightforward enough, I introduced some code to my powerup script. While — no pun intended — checking for the target’s position, I (later discovered I) had unintentionally created an endless loop. I mistakenly put the return command outside the while loop’s end bracket. This was my first experience with Unity (and my system in general) locking up. The operating system was not happy!

Unfortunately, it took me a while (sorry…) to find the issue, and I was certainly being impatient. Rather than combing my code thoroughly, I rushed a few changes and compiled then played again. Terrible approach. Locked again; hard reset again… and again… and… Lesson learned. What’s the definition of insanity… expecting different results…

For whatever reason, perhaps it’s the nerves or stress of the uncertainty of the ACI/GDHQ internship program continuing, but my mind immediately jumped to worst case scenario. Was my computer crashing? Could my integrated graphics card continue to handle the workload I’d been putting on it? Had I installed something an unwillingly bricked my device? Did I have enough RAM to run Unity, VS, GIMP, Slack, Firefox, and Spotify? It took me getting up and walking around the block to talk myself out of a new workstation purchase. Like yesterday, K.I.S.S. and start there.

I wanted to remain as productive as possible, despite not yet knowing how to solve my compiling issue, so I spent some time on C# Survival Guide tutorials and a few other knowledge areas. I was able to cool off and come back to my space shooter code. I found the culprit, and happily edited it. Crisis and expensive purchase averted. Tomorrow I can refine the “C” key behavior.

Coding my future as a software developer; // if (attitude > 0) {progress ++;}